Please find here a list of (ever Expanding) government links and documentation to use in your own research and as a general resource. Please note I am not a solicitor/lawyer and am not offering legal advice. I will update this resource as and when I do my own research, hopefully it will become quite large and useful in the coming months and years. I will begin with two areas that are of particular interest to me. The first is Domestic Violence and the second is Employment Law. Please also bear in mind that with regional devolution over much of the United Kingdom these laws are subject to change and a differing application, bear that in mind when reading them.


General Reference(UK):

National Archives UK Legislation(Currently Enacted) – HM Government

Bills Before Parliament 2014-15

The Law Commission UK (independent body for statutory law reform since 1965)


Domestic Violence(UK):

Crown Prosecution Service Guidance on prosecuting Cases Of Domestic Violence

Home Office Evaluation of the Pilot of Domestic violence Protection Orders


Employment Law(UK): 

Northern Ireland Equality Commission Publications on Unfair treatment based on Gender


Cohabitation (UK)

Cohabitation Agreements (UK Law) – Read this if you want to live together


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