I live and work in the UK, am a physically fit man in his mid thirties currently studying at University. Like most men I have dated on and off for the past 20 years or so and from my experiences I have come to realize as no doubt many of you have that there is a deep sickness in our society in regards to how men are treated. With growing divorce rates, fatherless children and a consistent refusal from Feminists to recognize or rectify men’s growing concerns it is time men changed their approach. It was difficult for me to come to this conclusion given what I consider a family oriented upbringing, certainly my parents are still married after 40+ years and happily so. However as Ayn Rand once said:

“I’m challenging the moral code of altruism, the precept that man’s moral duty is to lead for others, that men must sacrifice himself to others which is the present day morality”

      I am not a capitalist nor a socialist nor I hope do I fall on the fence, a place I imagine should feel pointedly uncomfortable to any but a coward. I do however believe, despite my traditionalist upbringings that marriage has become a sham, whatever you might think it was in the past today it is nothing more than usury of men and I believe that is a fact that will not change. With a 50 billion dollar divorce industry, sex sold as some sort of priceless resource and victim hood sold to a nanny state as the only valid form of currency it is evident that Men must protect their independence and freedom more vigilantly than ever.

      The price for men failing to see what is essentially a fairy tale lie is higher than it has ever been. That price is paid to governments and businesses who profit from the misery of destroyed families, with tax rates and laws that only ever increase. It is paid to greedy women and feminists who demand one sided equality while forcing men to shoulder responsibilities that now have few of the inherent rights associated with them. Among men’s issues that are continually ignored by feminists are false rape allegation, unequal punishment(including the rationalisation of female crimes such as intimate partner violence and paeophilia), homelessness, workplace deaths and a suicide rate 4 times higher for men. Feminist lies permeate everywhere from the destruction of Masculine Roles to the ignorance of sex differences in medicine and tax funded educational programs that marginalize men and glorify women – all wrapped up in the fictitious, fear monger statistics they are so fond of peddling. My aim here (as with many MHRM sites) is to provide you with real statistics and objective fact, backed up by peer reviewed scientific data, legal precedent and hopefully in time some positive advice for men going their own way.

There are of course still men who swallow the lies of feminism, believing in their genuine need for acceptance, love and duty that chivalry, romance and heroism are still more valued than servitude, financial slavery and obligation. Such men are moved by generations of shame for failing to live up to women’s and societies ever increasing petulant demand for them to be seen as failures for being anything less than humiliated and debased beyond human empathy and consideration. These are the so called ‘dead beat dads, ‘good men’ and ‘beta males’ perpetually shamed for their desire to find happiness and be seen as human beings. Such men are often so afraid and trapped that as Morpheus said in the movie ‘The Matrix’

……”they are part of the system and will fight to defend it”.

They are the white knights and self appointed hero’s who still believe that galloping to a woman’s defence is the same kind of heroism as rescuing a child from a burning building…a job which of course they were – according to feminists – only granted by their gender and not a man’s need to protect and love, nor his ability and inclination to do so.

     Many Men have slowly begun to recognize what is being done to them. Already in the western world we have divorce rates approaching if not surpassing 40-50% and in one case(Sweden) rising above 55%. Men are waking up to the fact that they deserve the rights that go with the responsibilities they have been shouldered with. In many cases men have unburdened themselves from such responsibilities and rightly so(the Japanese ‘herbivore’ movement being one such example). No group nor government however will give up power willingly and it is apparent that regardless if Feminism and it’s ideals are something women collectively support they have willingly reaped it’s benefits at the expense of men and often with their help.

Only when the death toll in war is equal between men and women, when equality of opportunity in the work force is demanded not just in high paying executive jobs, but in low paying dangerous ones will we see the price for feminine greed. This is however what I see as an unlikely outcome as the so called ‘war of the sexes’ is nothing of the kind. For decades those who believed in traditionalism have placed women upon a pedestal where lack of responsibility(the draft being one example) is seen as a birthright. Against this background feminists have equally campaigned for rights without responsibilities, again as a birthright. It is likely inevitable that we are headed in a direction that will be marked with poverty, evil and hate, much of it to be lain at the feet of such ideologues and fanatical ‘victims’. There are however now a large and active number of men’s groups and we are slowly changing things. In my opinion ‘Going Galt’ is not a departure from intimacy nor the idea of family but a stand that men must take if we are to finally put an end to feminism – a hateful and insidious movement that has as Erin Pizzey said become an ‘Evil Empire’. If, like me you deeply care about the right to have a family and stand up for your rights whether you are a man or woman then there is only one question you need to ask yourself..

What are you going to do about it?.


John Galt, March 2014.

Edited July 2014


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Man, this will probably fall on deaf ears, but Men’s rights and feminism are aligned in their goals. A reasonable feminist will tell you that feminism is not about taking away men’s rights to give to women, or giving women power over men. Feminism should be about removing the disparity between how men and women are treated in our culture.

    In your article, you make many claims about the claims of feminists. While I won’t argue that no person claiming to be a feminist has made those claims, I will point out that there are many feminists (in fact, I’d say most) who are very concerned about the men’s issues you mention. You claim to be for men’s rights, but it seems you are also specifically anti-feminism. You even go so far as to call it a “hateful and insidious movement,” which leads me to believe your exposure to feminism has been through people with very extremist views. You seem stuck on this straw-feminist who is going out, trying to destroy all men and put women in power. This is an extremist view, one that is not supported by major feminist groups or a majority of people who call themselves feminist.

    I’d like to ask you a question. While keeping in mind that I am not trying to minimize the struggles men are unfairly put through, do you also think that women are also treated unfairly? Do you think maybe it’s possible that both men and women have unfair expectations forced on them by society? Why can’t men and women work together to abolish all harmful sexist expectations affecting all genders in our culture?


    1. I’d like to add a link to an article on a feminist website talking about these same issues. A nice example of feminism fighting for the rights of both genders by dismantling the patriarchy. The article mentions a lot of the same concerns you have in your post here, and explains their basis in the patriarchy.

      If we want to fix the issues you mention in your blog post, women and men alike need to work together to remove the patriarchy and insist on a culture that is fair and supportive for everyone, including men. The root causes of these issues result in harm to all genders, so we all need to work together to fix them.


      1. I do not allow feminist advertising on my site period and I also seriously doubt that you are in fact a man. While I am happy to discuss issues time allowing I have been routinely banned for expressing any anti-feminist viewpoint on many feminist forums therefore I draw the line there and also routinely ban people who refuse to use logical and reasoned argument(which is most feminists).

        Also your assumption that ‘the patriarchy’ exists as you see it is a false one no matter how many times you say it in your post your interpretation is a feminist invention akin to the bogeyman. I have also heard the ‘dismantling the patriarchy’ line more times than I can count – seriously you people need to get some new material. The root causes as you put it of many of these issues is in fact Feminism itself, which has created misogyny that never previously existed and in fact has fueled movements like MGTOW and modern day Men’s rights, precisely because of it’s blanket hatred of men. Feminism therefore has absolutely no place whatsoever in dictating how we fix ANY issues of male freedom and IMO neither that of women’s rights. It is a victim industry based on principles of marxism, greed and social engineering and it has opened the door for the kinds of laws and controls that we have not seen since Nazi Germany. It is an evil and a blight on families and countries and it needs to be eradicated – permanently.

        I can’t think of no more fitting answer to your posts than to quote another Long standing MRA Hurbert Purdy:

        “Your attack on patriarchy is an attack on fatherhood. You must know this. Patriarchy is the rule or authority of the father in the sanguineous family: that central unit, which, for centuries if not millennia, provided the building blocks of stable society. Patriarchy is what has allowed society to grow and achieve what it has. It has ensured protection of the realm and the passing on of private family assets to children without the interference of the state. And it provided a moral rule in the private household, which gave children a framework in which to learn how to function in society as adults. And you and your bigoted, totalitarian like are intent on bringing all that to an end, reaching out to men as friends. Don’t make me laugh.”


    2. O.K I’ll answer your question as succinctly as I can. Men’s rights and feminism have not been ‘aligned’ in their goals since their inception. The reason I say that is that there is a glaring disparity in what feminists say and what they do; so when you say ‘a reasonable feminist….is not about taking away men’s rights I cannot agree’, then I would say thus. Examples include pointedly ignoring male genital mutilation, continuing to deny that men are victims of domestic violence(as an aside there are approximately 4000 domestic violence shelters for women vs 15 for men throughout the UK). Even the UK and US policies on Domestic violence are titled ‘Violence against women and Girls’ – boys and men are not included.

      Affirmative consent would be another example of a recent law given both Rape Crisis Scotland’s definition of Rape and the recent CDC’s classification of ‘inebriation’ as a state concurrent with Rape. Additionally in that last report there is intentional bias against men as outlined here: . Ignorance of needed funding to prevent male suicide would be another example, funding which feminists claim would ‘take away from women’s shelters’. You say ‘You claim to be for men’s rights, but it seems you are also specifically anti-feminism’ – yes that is correct, I am most definitely ‘anti-feminist’. Feminism in my view is a hateful and misandric ideology that was born from just such people and I have experienced it repeatedly online, whilst only being in the MHRM for just over a year. When you look at women like Gloria Steinham, Betty Friedan, Valerie Solanas and the more recent Susan Brownmiller and read such things as ‘Women need men like fish need a bicycle’ or ‘the population of men should be reduced to 10%..’ it’s hard not to see it for what it is. The more recent Radfem hub (closed in 2012) is further evidence of feminist hatred and included such suggestions that ‘all young boys should be raped so they know what it’s like’.

      So no I am not ‘stuck on this straw-feminist’ I am very much aware of the reality of feminism and it’s attempts to currently abscond from the responsibilities of its ideology in flat out denial or like the cognitive dissonance of a religious zealot against a lucid scientific argument. Tammy Bruce’s ‘Feminism 2.0’ was just more of the same – as a reportedly ‘mainstream feminist’ she claims that ‘women civilize men’ and then climbs on the slut shaming wagon while insinuating that men are inherently rapists and that ‘dignity’ is solely a female invention. My views are not extremist, despite your attempts to label them such and yes such feminist extremist ideologies are supported by major feminist groups because the U.N is a major feminist group. We are still waiting to hear an outcry over the exclusive murder of men and boys by Boko Haram – some of whom were burnt alive – an outcry which gets drowned out by campaigns such as ‘bring back our girls’ and ‘it’s on us(R.E Barack Obamas ridiculous support of a campaign that suggests ‘men can stop rape’). Lastly the ‘unfair expectations’ that you say are forced on women by society are nothing compared to those which were and are forced on men. To this day only men have to sign selective service to get something as simple as a drivers license, let alone an education. Only male homelessness is ignored by governments while feminist abuse industries gather taxpayer money for campaigns such as ‘he for she’. Only men are arrested in domestic violence as a matter of course and it is men who have their children ripped away from them in divorce court – almost exclusively and often despite evidence of female abuse, child or otherwise. Even female Paedophiles get excused in the run to label women as blameless angels incapable of evil.

      I am looking at facts here – not opinions, foisted upon me by angry, disgruntled, shameful or frankly moronic arguments. The social scientific community have produced these figures and statistics for years and for years they get ignored(For example Murray Strauss et al on domestic violence). It is true that men simply don’t care, or rather don’t care to know because they believe no one will listen and up until now they have been right. Men march with their feet, not their mouths; we may not cry victim but we certainly won’t line up to be one either; white knights beware. Feminist ‘Equality’ be it ‘substantive’ or otherwise will come at a price and only now are we truly beginning to see the legacy of it. Assuming you are in fact a man and not another feminist posing as one then I appreciate your attempts at a lucid, thought out argument rather than yet another ‘attack’ or feminist troll but the truth is Jimmy that the only deaf ears are your own…


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